Valves / Valve Kits

The compressor valves control the flow of the medium in the compressor cylinder. These valves are mainly plate type and are supplied with stainless steel balance plates and damper plates. The seat and guard can be supplied in either carbon steel or stainless steel.

Rod Packing

The rod packing set is used to provide sealing against the piston rod so that the medium whether air or natural gas does not leave the cylinder. They come in a variety of materials but are mainly supplied in carbon filled PTFE. The sets consist of pairs and can be radial or tangential.

Scraper / Wiper Ring Sets

The scraper / wiper set is used to wipe oil from the piston rod and prevent it from migrating into the packing box. The oil is contained in the crank case. The scraper / wiper sets are made of bronze material and come in pairs.

Piston Rings/ Rider Bands

Piston rings seal the pressurized medium from leaking between the piston and cylinder.

They can be supplied is various materials like carbon filled PTFE, bronze filled PTFE or PEEK filled PTFE.

The rings are available in angle cut or butt cut.

Rider rings are used to avoid contact between the piston and cylinder.

They are mainly supplied in carbon filled PTFE however can be supplied in bronze or peek depending on the pressure and temperature.

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